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Labor Law equally concerns the interests of employees and employers. That´s why I advise and represent both groups within this field of law.

While employers mostly seek to fully comprehend their rights and duties or require sample contracts, employees approach me for issues concerning their certificates of employment, means for further education or changes within their employment like relocations or terminations.

No matter which branch or nationality, no matter if chief executive or member of staff, everyone who addresses me needs an open ear as well as reliable judicial advice. So my first step to solving conflicts usually leads to a round table. I try to mediate between the parties to avoid an argument in court. Being a longtime academic lecturer and specialist lawyer in labor law I understand both parties’ interests and am able to negotiate settlements to everyone’s satisfaction. In case this strategy doesn’t succeed I am ready to represent my clients in court.

I counsel and represent clients within the following areas of labor law:

  • Employment contract:
    • Rights and Duties
    • Salary/compensation
    • Classification and limitation
    • Transfers
    • Relocations
    • Part-time work
    • Vacation
    • Company retirement arrangements, etc.
  • Warning notices/calls to order
    • Content and legal consequences
  • Termination
    • Validity of operational, personal and behavioral cancellations
    • Agreement to terminate or process the contract (with its effects, such as: a blocking period, compensations being added to unemployment benefits)
    • Termination pays/bonuses
    • Receiving employment papers and certificates